Chakrapani Templein In Tamil Nadu

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Chakrapani Templein In Tamil Nadu is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu located in Kumbakonam, , The temple situated at a distance of 2 km North West from Kumbakonam railway station. Vishnu appears in the form of a disk or chakra and reduces the glory of Surya (the sun), who then becomes his devotee. Like Shiva, Chakrapani has a third eye on her forehead. This temple one of the main temples in Kumbakonam.


About 3 km from Kumbakonam Railway Station, Chakrapani Temple is a Hindu temple located on the south bank of the Cauvery River in Kumbakonam in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. This temple is one of the main temples in Kumbakonam.

Chakrapani Templein In Tamil Nadu



Chakrapani Temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu and  depicted in the shape of a disk or chakra. Chakrapani with eight arms and Mother Sudarsanavalli with Arul darshan depicted. Like Shiva, Chakrapani has a third eye on her forehead. Brahma, Surya, and Agni  depicted worshiping the Lord.

According to legend, Sudarsana Chakra, the disc, is the most powerful weapon of Lord Vishnu. He once sent his Sudarsana Chakra to Patala Loka to kill the demon Jalandasura. This weapon believed to have come out of the underworld through the river Cauvery. Lord Brahma, who was bathing in the river, impressed and installed the image of Sudarsana here. The temple known for its elegant pillars. There is a bronze statue of King Serboji II worshiping the Lord, as he said to cured of his illness by the grace of this Lord.

The Temple

Chakrapani Temple attracts devotees who are mentally or physically weak due to illness or problems. Sudarsana Homam, Thirumanjanam and special lamp rituals called Sahasranamarchanai are some of the special pujas performed in this temple. Lord Surya surrendered to the Lord at this holy place. Therefore, those who are under the rule of Rahu and Ketu and are facing problems due to planetary movement in their life should pray to Chakra Raja for seven and a half-year Saturn period.



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