Bullet Baba

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Bullet Baba

Story of Bullet Baba: What came to be known that it was on December 23, 1988. Winter night in Konkan. A 23-year-old man named Om Singh Rathore returning from his village Bangdi in Rajasthan’s Pali district to Chotila on a Royal Enfield motorcycle in the bitter cold. Om was coming towards his home on his bike on National Highway 65 Jodhpur Ahmedabad. The night was deep.

But he still could not reach home. Parents and wives must be thinking a lot. With this thought, he was riding his bike very fast. His eyelids closed because he tired of riding the bike after the whole day’s work. And this happened just a few hundred feet away from his own village Chotila.

In his sleep, his favorite bullet hit a small tree on the side of the road at high speed. Unable to handle this massive shock, he fell into a 20 feet deep ditch. Beside the tree lies his all-time favorite companion bike. The strange thing that the bike did not get damaged after hitting the tree at high speed.

The next morning, the villagers saw the lifeless body of Om Singh Rathore, the eldest son of Tagore Yog Singh Rathore, lying inside the ditch. Om Singh Rathore’s body taken straight from the hospital to the morgue due to the accident in which the dead body was mutilated.

His lifeless body then handed over to a mysterious temple family in Rathore, India. On that very evening, Om Singh Rathore, the calmest and most humble young man in the village, passed away after making everyone in the village cry.

After that many unusual events started happening. In due course, the police picked up Om’s beloved bike from the accident site and took it to the outpost for various tests. The Bullet car placed along with various other vehicles involved in the accident. The next morning the duty officer noticed that Om Singh Rathore’s bike missing from where it had been kept the previous night. After much searching, it was not found. The duty officer told the matter to everyone in the police station.

Everyone thinks that someone may have escaped with the expensive bike from the police station. But after a few hours, it  reported that someone left the bike at the accident site. A police jeep sped down the highway to retrieve it. The police went and saw that the bike parked next to the tree where Om Singh Ratho had lost his life after hitting it.

After questioning the local villagers and Rathore’s friends, the police became suspicious that they had not brought the bike from the police station and they did not know anything about when the bike left there. At that time, only one question arose in the minds of the villagers, Om Singh’s family, and the police, who brought the bike to the accident site?



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