Bhramari Devi Temple

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Bhramari Devi Temple is located at a distance of 20 KM in the west direction from Jalpaiguri. This Shaktipeeth is established on the banks of the Teesta River in Bodaganj forest. Bhramari Devi Temple is thronged by devotees daily. It is one of the 51 Shaktipeeths. Sati’s left foot had fallen here. Here Vyomkesh Bhairav ​​is revered with God in the name of Goddess Sarvanandkari.

Bhramari Devi Temple


According to the bench decision mechanism, Tristotra is the sixteenth Shaktipeeth in order. The left foot of the goddess fell in Tristotra. In ‘Tantra Chudamani’ also, there is talk of the degeneration of the Goddess in the same way. In the Panchang of Madangupta, the location of this Peeth has been described at a place called Shalbari in Bodaganj of Jalpaiguri district and it has been mentioned sequentially in the sixteenth place.

Most of the Satipeeths in Bengal have the history of temple building memorized by the local residents. A separate Shri is present in those Satipeeth temples in the procession of devotees. Where regular service goes on in the temple and adjoining areas. And, this satipeeth is an exception among them. Where there are mythological stories. But there are thousands of disagreements about the history of temple buildings. Even, there is a difference of opinion about whether the Satipeeth is here or not.



However, there are different opinions about when the Bhramari Devi Temple built here, but the most accepted one is that a saint wearing a red shawl arrived a few decades ago. His tresses reached his feet. He used to worship and perform Yagna in this temple for a long time. It was the saint who found the stone left foot of the goddess under three thick tree trunks. A devotee also painted a map of the temple on the wall of Falakatta station. Not only that, it said that two officials of the Geological Survey of India also came to this temple and preached the glory of the goddess to the local residents.


Information received from Shri Chandi Murti Rahasya that Bhramari Devi Tejomandal Pradipta – multivarnabhushita, various ornaments adornment. They are wearing whirlpools of different varnas. She is the goddess of epidemic or great death. That is why naturally her favorite abode is the cremation ground. Goddess Bhramari is a special form of Jagannamata Chandika. In the tenth chapter, the mother herself says ‘Ekaivaham Jagtyanna Dwitiya Ma Mamapara’.


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