Baijnath Shiv Temple

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Baijnath Shiv Temple

The architecture of Baijnath Shiv Temple, Kangra: The sanctum sanctorum of the temple entered through an antechamber, in front of which a large square mandap built and large balconies made on both the north and south sides. In the front part of the mandap, there a small verandah supported by four pillars, in front of which there a statue of the Nandi bull under a small stone temple. The whole temple surrounded by a high wall and there are entrances on the south and north.

Two long inscriptions on the verandah of the temple indicate that the temple of Shiva existed at the spot even before the construction of the present one.

The present temple a beautiful example of early medieval North Indian temple architecture known as the Nagara style of temples. The swayambhu form of the Shivalinga enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, which has five projections on each side and a tall curved shikhara.

The outer walls of the temple have several curved images of gods and goddesses. Many paintings also fixed or engraved on the walls.

The outer doors in the porch as well as the inner doors leading to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple inlaid with a large number of paintings of great beauty and symbolic importance. Some of them are very rare and are found elsewhere.

Baijnath Shiv Temple, Kangra visited by a large number of tourists and pilgrims throughout the year from all over India and abroad. Special prayers offered in the morning and evening every day except for special occasions and during the festive season.

On the outer walls of the temple, there are idols of many gods and goddesses made to display the idols and other ornaments. Many pictures  carved on the walls. The outer gate of the verandah and the inner gate leading to the sanctum sanctorum filled with innumerable paintings depicting the ultimate beauty and importance. It is rare to find some of these pictures anywhere else.


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