Baba Harbhajan Singh

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Story of Baba Harbhajan Singh :Now let’s get to the point. A vacant chair named after him was an Indian active-duty soldier. His home the Kapurthala district of Punjab. He joined the Indian Army in 1966. Worked as a sepoy in the Punjab Regiment. Two years later in 1968, Harbhajan transferred to East Sikkim on the orders of the Indian Army. There was a heavy downpour. This excess rainfall led to a flood situation on October 4, 1968. On that rainy night, Harbhajan Singh, who dutiful on duty, was walking on foot from Tukula, the headquarters of their battalion, to Dong Chukla, with his belongings on mules. At that time, in a careless moment, he fell into the torrential mountain stream.

Baba Harbhajan Singh
Baba Harbhajan Singh

The next day the mules returned to Tukula without any passengers. Harbhajan’s colleagues shocked not to see Jawan Harbhajan Singh with the mules. They assume that there must have been some danger to Harbhajan while performing his duties and serving the countrymen during the flood. Their guess proved true. The missing Indian soldier Harbhajan Singh never found. He was not found for some time. But then an amazing thing happened.

According to conventional information, ‘an army soldier working in that area saw his missing colleague Harbhajan Singh in a dream. Harbhajan Singh said in his dream that his body  stuck in that hilly area. This same dream seen by several soldiers of the army. A team then sent by the army to search for the place the soldiers had dreamed of. The surprising fact that the lifeless body of Harbhajan Singh found only after searching the dreamy place. That is where the mystery begins. Local residents and soldiers called it a ‘miraculous’ incident.


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