Baba Dham

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This Baba Dham temple of Baba Gajeshwarnath is located on the hill. To visit the temple, one has to climb up 195 steps. Earlier this route was very inaccessible. Passengers used to travel in groups on the hilly roads filled with dense forests. Now as the road is a mountain staircase, it is very easy for the passengers to climb the mountain.


Baba Gajeswarnath resides in the form of Shivalinga in a large cave on the hill. As per the laws of nature, the head of Shivalinga  continuously showered with water which  absolutely amazing. Such a unique common sight is seen in very few places. Gajeswarnath said to have founded the Shivlinga demon king Gajasur.


Shiva Purana mentions a demon named Gajasura, who was the privileged son of Mahashaktisha Mahiyasura. For thousands of years, he stood on his toes and performed intense austerities, and received boons from Lord Shankara. Gajasura becomes infinitely powerful when he gets a boon. And due to that power, he became a tyrant, because of his tyranny and fear Munis, Rishis, and Devas started Rahi Trahi Raba.

Sages and gods started worshiping Shankara for relief from Gajasura. Hearing their pitiful prayers, Lord Shankara  forced to proceed to kill Gajasu. Gajasur eulogized Lord Shankar on his deathbed. Lord Shankara pleased with that last eulogy of Gajasura’s life. He told Gajasura that this Shivlinga established by you will be famous in the world in your name. People of the world will know it as Gajeshwar Dham or Baba Dham Jharkhand.

Baba Dham

It  said that Nandi stood on two legs when Lord Shankar  riding on Nandi to kill Gajasura. Nandi’s two footprints left on a stone that still exists today. Devotees consider this footprint very sacred and worship here. Today that place is famous as Sivaganga. According to another belief, the Lord during the Mahabharata period.

Shankar visited Arjuna on this mountain. In the sanctum sanctorum after entering the cave, Baba Gajeswarnath’s Pitambari Shivlinga  seen. Just above the Shivlinga, water is constantly falling through the stone roof of the cave. A mystery will make you a surprise at Baba Dham Jharkhand.

It seems as if nature itself constantly anointing Lord Shankar. Right in front of the Shivlinga, there are idols of Parvati and Shiva’s vehicle Nandi. The idols of Ganesha and Karthik  placed inside the cave. There is another cave inside the cave to the left of the Shivalinga.

It  said that in ancient times sages used to fetch water from the Ganga flowing in the Uttaravahini of the Rajmahal and come to this cave to pour water on the head of the Shivalinga and pray. Now the mouth of this cave closed. Outside the temple, there is another stairway leading to Sivaganga on the right side. Here there are two footprints of Nandi on a rock. Even in intense heat, the water from that hoof hole does not dry up.


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