Andal Temple Tamil Nādu

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There are two temples side by side and in between the two, there a backyard referred to as “Tulasi Vanam” the place Andai regarded Ayonija. Andal Temple Tamil Nādu the first one and the other for Vatapatra Shai Bhagwan. These two temples cited for their architectural and sculptural beauties.

In Garbhagriha, Andal is on right, Rangamannar Bhagwan in the center, and Garuda on the left, all are standing on one platform. This is an uncommon and special feature. Here Bhagwan no longer keeping his usual Sankha and Chakra, however, he having a scepter, the like of which no longer observed in any different Vishnu Temples. It referred to as Pranavakara Darsanam. Rangamannar Bhagwan representing Akaram, Andal representing Ukaram and Garuda representing Makaram.

Andal Temple


It stated that Vishnu Chitta Swami discovered an infant girl underneath a Tulsi plant and took her home and named her Godamba later on she once known as Andal. The baby was once Bhoo Devi who used to be born in this world in a human structure as preferred by Lord Vishnu. The spiritual environment influenced Her in loving Lord Vishnu and when she got here of age, she refused to marry any human being different than Maha Vishnu.

Vishnu Chitta Swami used to make garlands for Lord Ranganatha and his daughter Godambaji as an infant used to wear the same before imparting it to the Lord. One day the Pujari of the temple noticed a human hair in the garland and questioned Vishnu Chitta. Vishnu Chitta saw that his daughter  wearing the garland earlier than it used to be supplied to the Lord. Vishnu Chitta obtained indignant with Godamba for this sacrilege.

On the very equal nighttime, the Lord appeared in a dream to Vishnu Chitta. He stated that the garland worn by Godamba had extra scent and he would decide on solely such a garland. Vishnu Chitta then realized the divinity of his daughter and as directed by the Lord he started presenting garlands worn by Godamba. She, therefore, here to be recognized as “Soodi Kodutha Nachiar”.

In another dream, Sri Ranganath requested Vishnu Chitta to take Godamba to Sri Rangam for marriage. There is some other story that Lord Ranganath came to Srivilliputtur for marrying Godamba on Panguni Utram day. After the marriage, she  known as Andal-the one who attained God as her husband.



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