30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases #5

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30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases #5: In this series of posts, certain foods’ health and medicinal benefits will be discussed. 30 Amazing Food#5 series will be published fortnightly.


AMRUDA (Guava)

Guava is known in different languages as: –

  • Sanskrit – Amruda
  • Hindi – Amruda
  • Latin – Psidium Guayava
  • Bengali – Peara
  • Marathi – Jamba
  • Kannada – Siva
  • Telegu – Jama, Goya
  • Gujrati – Jamarukha, Peru
  • Tamil – Koyya, Segappugoyya
  • Sindhi – Jetuna
  • English – Guava

30 Amazing Food#5

Curative Property of AMRUDA (Guava): –

General Tonic:

  • 200 gm. ripe guava if taken with kaala namak, black pepper, and little lemon juice – twice a day regularly gives strength and vigor to mental and physical muscles.
  • Taking ripe guava with fig (Anjeer) and tulsi leaves after meals checks physical nervousness.
  • Guava pulp and banana pulp if taken with honey in breakfast eliminate the look of a lanky body by making it grow strong and sturdy.
  • Peeled and cut guava when taken with honey twice a day gives a lot of strength to the body.


  • 200 gm. well ripe Guava with day meals daily purifies the blood and also improves hemoglobin.


  • Juice of Guava leaves or half raw and half-ripe Guava (with Sendha Namak & Lime juice) cures nausea.

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  • Applying a paste of ground green leaves of Guava with little sandalwood on the forehead for half an hour eliminates headache.
  • Taking fresh ripe guava after taking out its seeds is also useful.


  • Applying ground pulp of unripe guava on the affected part early in the morning for 2 days eliminates Migraine pain.

High Blood Pressure:

  • Taking the oozed-out water of the chaat made of guavas with little sendha namak, black pepper, and lemon juice on it twice or thrice a week checks high blood pressure.

Throat Problem:

  • Gargling with Guava leaves to water and salt (fresh guava leaves to be boiled in 400 gm. water till it is reduced to 125 gm. stin it) twice or thrice cures soreness of throat.
  • Taking ripe guava pulp with little hone and black pepper clears the throat infection.


  • Taking baked guava (after removing seeds) with honey twice a day controls phlegm.

Digestive and stomach Problems:

  • Pulp of roasted guava (after taking out seeds) if taken with orange juice two or three times a day cures indigestion.
  • Taking guava with sendha namak after meals eliminates gas and increase appetite.
  • Ground paste of 8-10 guava fresh leaves with water if taken cures stomach ache.


  • Taking guava in breakfast or before meals activates digestion and cures constipation.
  • Guava pulp, papaya pulp with little black pepper, sendha namak, and lemon juice sprinkled on it if taken after meals activate the normal movement of bowels.
  • Taking ripe guava after meals is also very useful.
Loose Motion:
  • Boiled water of Guava leaves 2 or 3 times a day controls loose motion.
  • Taking ripe guava after lunch with a sprinkling of sendha namak, black pepper, and lemon juice helps in proper digestion.
  • Guava chatni with meals is helpful.

Representatives Image 2

  • Juice of soft red leaves of Guava plant with water if taken twice a day relieves stiffness of joints.
  • Applying a paste of guava leaves on the affected parts eliminates swelling.
  • Regularly taking 250 gms. of ripe guava in the afternoon for about 1 month purifies blood, cleans the stomach and intestines, and thus cues itching due to bowls, pustules, etc.
  • Applying a paste of guava leaves on wounds helps in curing the wound.
Urinary troubles:
  • Taking decoction of leaves of 10 gm. guava and 50 gm. grapes (Heat these leaves with 500 gm. water till it is half, strain it) before sleep eliminates and cures all urinary troubles.
  • Eating guava regularly helps in curing piles.
  • Taking the pulp of roasted guava (after removing seeds) with 3-4 drops of garlic juice for one or two days on empty stomach helps in expelling the dead worms.
  • Eating pulp of roasted guava and a tomato (after removing seeds with a little sendha namak and a few drops of lemon juice empty stomach in the morning helps in the expulsion of dead worms.
Tooth Ache:
  • Chewing fresh guava leaves or doing gargles with Guava leaves water (in which guava leaves are boiled) eliminates swelling of gums and cures toothache.
  • Guava should not be taken empty stomach because it gives rise to phlegm in the body.
  • Don’t drink water after eating Guava, it may cause stomach upset.

30 Amazing Food#5

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