30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases # 4

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30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases #4: In this series of posts, certain foods’ health and medicinal benefits will be discussed. 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases #4 series will be published fortnightly.

AJAWAYAN (Beshope Weed Seed)

Ajawayan is known in different languages as: –

  • Sanskrit – Yavani, Yavanika, Ugra-gandha, Dipyaka, Dipya
  • Hindi – Ajawayan
  • Latin – Ptychotis Ajawayan
  • Bengali – Joyain,
  • Marathi – Ova,
  • Kannada – Ondie
  • Telegu – Vamu,
  • Gujrati – Yavana, Jawaina
  • Tamil – Amana
  • Sindhi – Ajwayana
  • English – Bishops Weed Seed

Curative Property of AJAWAYAN: –

  1. Flatulence, Indigestion, Low Appetite:

  • As an antispasmodic, regular use of Ajawayan is recommended.
  • Take ½ tsp Aqua Ptychotis (sat) of Ajawayan mixed with water morning and evening
  • Take 1 tsp of the mixture (made of 4 tsp Aqua Ptychotis with 4 tsp Lemon juice and 5 drops of ilayachi ark) thrice a day.
  • Take 1 tsp of churn (prepared with ground Ajawayan and small Harr equal quantity, little heeng, and salt to taste) with hot water after meals.
  • Swallow 3 gms of ground ajawayan with ¾ gm of kaala namak twice a day.
  • Take ½ tsp of churna (made of ajawayan, black pepper, and saunth taken equally) morning and evening with water.
  • Take ajawayan seeds soaked in lime juice after meals. This helps to control indigestion.


  1. Strangury:
  • Taking 2 gms of ajawayan with 3 gms of mishri twice or thrice a day relieves strangury.


  1. Polyuria:


  • Taking 1 tsp ajawayan with Til seed in equal quantity twice a day eliminates polyuria.


  • 1 tsp powder (of ajawayan and gur in equal quantity) taken 4 times a day relieves polyuria and cures pain in the Kidneys.

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  1. Bronchitis and Asthma:

 Taking 1 tsp ajawayan with hot water morning and evening lessens sputum.


  • Fomentation of the chest with hot seeds tied as poultice lessens sputum.


  1. Cold and Cough:


  • Rubbing the palm with 6 gms of ajawayan tied in a potli and smelling it repeatedly cures cold.


  • Drinking hot water after chewing a little ajawayan cures cough.


  • Taking ½ tsp Aqua Ptychotis with little salt relieves constant cough.


  • Chewing betel leaf with ajawayan at night before sleeping controls and cures dry coughing.


  1. Influenza:
  • Drinking boiled water with 3 gms ajawayan and 3 gms Dalcheeni for 3 to 4 days, thrice a day cure influenza.
  • Drinking decoction (made with 2-3 gms ajawayuan boiled in 3 cups of water till a cup remains) 4 times a day for 2-3 days cures influenza.
  1. Diarrhea and stomach – ache:

  • Take ajawayan and salt in a ratio of 2:1 with hot water. It cures stomachache, improves digestion, and controls diarrhea.
  • Take 1 tsp of churna of ajawayan, sendha namak, black pepper, illayachi, and roasted small Harr (1 gm each) after meals.
  • Take 1 gm powder (made with 15 gms ajawayan, 5 gm Kala namak, and ½ gm heeng0 with hot water twice a day.
  • Take little ajawayan with camphor with water twice a day.
  1. Tooth-ache:
  • Give moke to the aching tooth by burning ajawayan on fie and after 2 hours (of smoke) do gargles with lukewarm water (prepared by boiling 1 tsp ajawayan with a little salt) two to three times a day. It cures toothache.
  1. Ear-ache:
  • Putting one or two drops of ajawayan oil relieves earache.
  1. Throat-ache:
  • Doing gargles with lukewarm ajawayan water (made by boiling 1 tsp ground ajawayan with a little salt in water) twice or thrice cures coarseness and pain in the throat.
  1. Rheumatic pains, Arthritis:
  • Poultice of crushed ajawayan applied to painful rheumatic joints relieves pain.
  • Massage of affected portion with ajawayan oil relieves pain.
  1. Foul Ulcers, Ringworms, Itching:
  • Taking ajawayan flower (in little quantity) acts as antiseptic killing germs.
  • Cleaning the affected part with ajawayan water kills the germs.
  • Applying a paste of ajawayan ground with hot water helps in curing ringworm, and itching, and removes the offensive smell from foul ulcers.

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  1. Stomach worm:

  • Take 3 to 7 drops of ajawayan oil for a few days to destroy worms in the stomach.
  1. Leucorrhea:
  • Taking paste of ajawayan (25 gms soaked in 125 gms of water in the earthen pot overnight and ground with water) in the morning for some time controls leucorrhea.
  1. Femail Infertility:
  • Taking paste of ajawayan (25 gms of ajawayan and 25 gms mishri soaked in 125 gms water in earthen pot overnight-ground like Thandai paste) with water for 8-10 days in the morning (starting from 1st day of menses) and having mung dal without salt and chappatis in meals helps in curing infertility.
  1. Pimples:
  • Applying the paste of 30 gms of ground ajawayan mixed with 25 gms curd on the face at night and washing the face in the morning with hot water – cures pimples and brings a glow to the face.
  1. Stones:
  • Taking 3-4 gms of ajawayan daily for some time with water help in breaking the stones and their expulsion from the kidney or urinary bladder.
  1. Wind:
  • Take 1 tsp of ground ajawayan with ¼ tsp Kaala Namak in skimmed curd – relieves wind.

As Deodorant:

  • Ajawayan is very effective in killing germs and insects and purifying the air.
  • Keeping a potlie of Ajawayan in a cupboard infested with cockroaches etc. helps in killing them.

Apart from its inherent curative properties, Ajawayan is cheap and easily available in every kitchen. Its regular use is very beneficial and does not result in any side effects.

30 Amazing Food #4-Credit to Dr. (Mrs. Kanta Gupta)

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