30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases #2

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30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases #2: In this series of posts the health and medicinal benefits of certain foods will be discussed. 30 Amazing Food That Can Cure Common Diseases #2 series will be published fortnightly.


ADRAK (Ginger)

Adrak is known in different languages as: –

  • Sanskrit – Adraka, Katubhadra, Sringavera
  • Hindi – Adrak, Adrakh
  • Latin – Zingiber officinate
  • Bengali – Ada,
  • Marathi – Ala,
  • Kannada – Alla
  • Telegu – Allam,
  • Gujrati – Adun
  • Tamil – Inji
  • Sindhi – Adarak
  • English – Ginger root

Curative Property of ADRAK: –

  1. Asthma, Cough:

  • 1 tsp mixture of juice of ginger, lasun, and honey (in equal quantity) taken 2-3 times a day-relives bronchial Congestion, cures cough, and gives relief.
  • Heat powder Sonth and black pepper 10 gms each in 100 gm gur to get it thick. Make gram size Goli. Sucking 1 Goli 4-6 times a day cures coughing and relieves pain in the chest and stomach due to constant cough.
  • Heated ginger juice with honey (1 tsp each) 3 times a day for a few days cures cold and cough and gives relief to Asthma.
  • 10 gms of ginger pieces boiled in water taken with sugar and milk like tea 2-3 times a day cures cold and cough.

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  1. Digestive and Stomach Problems:

  • 2 tsp of juice (of ginger, fresh lemon, and honey in equal quantity) taken early in the morning helps in digestion, increases appetite, and improves blood circulation.
  • Chatni of ginger, fresh coriander leaves with Sendha Namak, and Black Pepper took half an hour before meals to cure indigestion.


  • 6gms ginger piece with Sendh namak taken before meals for 1m0 days relieves flatulence.


  • Churna of Sonth (dried ginger), Heeng, and Sendha Nakak taken after meals act as a digestive.


  • Small pieces of fresh ginger fried In pure ghee with little salt twice a day cure indigestion. Taking 1 tsp churn (finally powdered Sonth, ajwain and Black Pepper (10 gms. Each), Kala Namak, Choti illayachi, sugar (5 gms. Each) to be strained and kept as churn) after meals cures all stomach and digestive problems.


  • Prepare a decoction by boiling pieces of ginger, Dhania seeds, little Jeera, 8-10 Kishmish in 1.5 kg water till it is reduced to 250 gm. Strain it and mix it with Mishri, taking this cures bile and helps to digest.


  • Drinking milk with pieces of ginger boiled in it eliminates wind and cures intestinal problems.


  • 1.5 tsp ginger juice act as an adjuvant to laxatives (castor – oil etc.)

  1. Diarrhea:


  • ½ tsp juice of ginger mixed with a half cup of boiled water taken 3-4 times a day cures loose motion.


  1. Hiccough:


  • Chewing and sucking the juice of small pieces of ginger, or taking ½ tsp powdered dried sonth boiled in milk stops hiccough.


  1. Hoarseness of throat:


  • Taking ½ tsp juice with honey 3-4 times a day or chewing and sucking a little ginger piece 3-4 times a day cure hoarseness of the throat.


  • Make a hole in ginger and fill it with little heeng, wrap this in cloth, and heat it. After grinding it make a small ball-like chana and take this tablet 5 times a day. It cures hoarseness of the throat.

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  1. Influenza:
  • Taking decoction (made of 3 gms of sonth, 7 tsp tulsi leaves, 7 Black pepper seeds boiled in 250 gms water with sugar to taste) cure cold, cough, headache, and gives relief to Influenza.
  • ½ tsp of powdered sonth with little sendha namak 3-4 times a day with hot water relieves sputum.
  1. Pain in the ribs:
  • Taking sonth decoction by boiling 20 gms of sonth in ½ kg water 4 doses cure pain in ribs.

  1. Back-ache, Menstrual Disorder:

  • Taking 1 dose of churna ( 1 gm powdered sonth, 1.5 gm meetha soda mixed with 2 gm salt heated on tawa  in 4 doses) with hot milk or water before going to bed cures backache.
  • Taking decoction of powdered sonth with old ghee cures back-ace and regulates menstrual disorders.


  1. Headache:
  • Fomentation with a paste of powdered sonth made with warm water on the forehead cue headache.
  • Ear-ache – 1 drop of ginger oil (ginger juice boiled in mustard oil) put in the ear relieves earache.


  1. Arthritis:
  • Taking 10 gms of sonth boiled in 100 gms water with shakkar or gur for some time cures Arthritis.

  1. Paralysis:
  • Fry paste of ground Urad Dal mix sonth and gur and make laddu. Eating one laddu daily helps in curing paralysis.
  • Boiled Urad dal with little sonth in water for some time drinking this water cures paralysis.


  1. Numbness of limbs:


  • Applying a paste of sonth and lahsun (with water) on the affected limb cures numbness.
  • Chewing little sonth with 2 v with 2 shallots of lahsun early in the morning for 10-15 days improves circulation of blood and cures numbness.

  1. Obesity:
  • Take 2 gms of churna (sonth, pippali, black pepper 100 gms each, dhania seeds, Kala jeera 10 gms each Kala Namak, Sendha Namak, Pahari Namak 5 gms each to powdered and kept as churna) twice a day after meals cures obesity.



Ginger stimulates and generates heat and therefore should be taken very carefully in the summer and autumn seasons.

30 Amazing Food#2

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